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Our recommended 5 Km Work Out

Don't sacrifice good form just to get them done in a hurry!

You may wish to try this workout on your rest day and if all goes well you could also do this on days you also run.

Warm up with two miles of easy running and follow with some stretching routines and then perform the following activities in order.

Move quickly from exercise to exercise, but do not perform the exercises themselves too quickly. Do not sacrifice good form just to get them done in a hurry!

See our full 5k Training plan here...

1  4 x 400,   800,   400, with 30secs rest between @ between your 1000m &  mile race pace.
2 5 x 1000m @ at your 5km speed with 1min rest between each
3 5 x 1500m @ at your 3km speed with 2min rest between each
4 Rest
5 400  350  300  250  150 full out, with 2 min recovery
6 Timed run of either 3km, 5km or 10km, alternate between these.
7 Long run of say 10 / 12 miles
















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The Benidorm half marathon
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