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Paul Fletcher UK Athletics Endurance Coach...


Paul Fletcher is a UK Athletics coach, working with running holidays Spain.

Paul coaches runners of all ability, from the young to older veterans, all with similar goals, some just wishing to get fitter, while others have goals of being faster.

Your may be a complete beginner or may wish to take part in a " race for life" 5km and raise money for charity. You may just want to lose some weight and get fit, whatever your reason, Paul can bring your goals closer, at Running Holidays.


Here are a few of Paul's races during his time here  in Spain. There are races here almost every weeke, so why not join Paul and run the trails of the Costa Blanca, a Half Marathon, a 10km road race or a race in the Mountains over 45km or 60km

Paul is currently looking to win in races over 800m 1500m amd 3000m in Malaga ( indoor & Outdoor World Championships 2018)  and remember....stay injury free and anything is possible.

Paul's Results 2018

Won outright approximately 30 races during 2018, from distances ranging from 3000m to 21km.

Gained two Bronze medals at the European Championships Alicante 2018. 10km & 3km


Paul Fletcher at the Denia track session  Running on the beach  Paul Fletcher in the Benissa 10km

Training on the track........beach.....and racing 10km on the Road

Paul Fletcher Moraira mile Moraira Mile

Start  of Moraira Mile                       Second Lap

Moraira Mila

One Lap to go                             First Place


Paul awarded Moraira trophy

Moraira mile Cat win, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2017

 Start of the Ibiza Mile

Ibiza Mile

Ibiza Mile


Denia Mile

Denia Mile

3 mile race Novelda

Novelda Mile

pego Half

Pego Half Marathon

Paul writes running schedules for middle distance and endurance runners alike. If you are interested in having a schedule personally designed for you, contact Paul at Running Holidays

Paul was injured from June 2013 until Feb 2016 and then started training for the mile in Moraira in July, 2017. This was the start of a long journey for Malaga September 2018 but it is going well. Paul ran has first 10km, after an injury lasting 22 months. In a time of 55:52, slow yes but getting faster all the time. Pauls 10km time eventually came down to 44min Feb 2017 and then proceeded to take off about 70sec a race until May, in which he ran 37.31 on hilly course. His last race over 10km, he ran 36.58. Paul hopes to take his time down to around 35min, at which time he will be ready for the Masters World Championships in Malaga 2018, where he will compete in the 800m or 1500m, as he feels 10km is just too much hard work.



As Paul gets closer to Madrid and the world championships he will post his current times here. ( March 2018 - September 2018 )

Paul will enter the 800m and 1500m The 800m is the most important but if he feels good he may enter both events, depending upon the schedule. With Paul's time of 60 secs for 400,... 2:16 for 800m looks possible and for a 60 year old is very good. The races below are approximately 10km, some flat and some a little more hilly.

10km   Date 2016 Cat Position Date 2017 Cat Position Date  2018 Cat Cat Position / Overall
Javea  Flat 55:52 45 44:01 5 37:29 1 /   35th
Calpe  Flat 52:23 31 39:29 7 34:51 1  /  33rd
Gata Hills 53:55 38 40:42 6 36:55 1  /  47th
El Verger  Flat 52:21 26 39:35 4    
Pego Hills     42:58     Jog 5   1
Teulada Hills 52:36 23 41:16 3 39:07 1  / 40th
Benitaxel Big Hills 50:11 10     35:34 1  / 19th
Pedreguer Hills     40:08 3 37:43 1  / 27th
Ondara  Flat     39:17 3    
Denia  Flat     38:15 3 37:14 1  / 26th
Jesus Pobre Hills     37:30 1 Benissa 1  / 20th


A superb location, warm weather, motivational advice, with specific training for middle distance runners, Marathon and Endurance runners alike, making our training weeks ideal, no matter what your ability.  We offer training in groups of similar ability, intervals, speed work and much more.


 Please contact us with any questions Tel 0034 966 491 354   Email