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Warm Weather Training Weeks - Running Camps

Try one of our of our running camps and join us for a relaxing fun holiday, running the coastal paths, sandy beaches and trails of the warm Costa Blanca. Improve your speed with intervals on the track and hill work, hills one thing we not short of here !


Our Running Camps Offer...

a superb location, warm weather, motivational advice, with specific training for middle distance runners, Marathon and Endurance runners alike, making our training weeks ideal, no matter what your ability.  We offer training in groups of similar ability, intervals on the track, speed work, hill training and much more.

If you wish to have a race package for a particular distance just e-mail your requirements.

Dates of our running camps                                                                                         Cost per person.
We are open every week of the year. The majority of runners come, just for the warmer climate and train.
Just E mail your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We have had guests stay for  three months on several occasions, whilst training for a particular event.
You may however stay for as long or short a period as you wish,
5 nights half board, pro rata                        £500pp
If you wish to bring a group for a training week or even bring your own coach, please E mail your requirements



Want to improve your endurance and performance ?


You improve your endurance in two ways.

    Either running longer and more miles, or

    running intervals, or better, a combination of both.


Why do both ?, because long runs and intervals do something different to the body but both help endurance for athletes.


There are lots of training schedules online but there is nothing like talking and

running with other like minded runners.


To achieve the full benefit of our programme, you may wish to try our 5 day programme

The factors we take into account are:

Long & short term Goals
Your current racing speed
Your natural ability

Working on the following areas

Strength workouts
Pilates and Core strength


st 800m from our relaxing sandy beach....Relax and read your latest Runners World.



 Please contact us with any questions Tel 0034 966 491 354   Email