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 Yoga Breaks Spain chosen by OM Yoga Magazine  to feature at the London Yoga Show


Welcome to our relaxing Yoga Breaks Spain, in the beautiful  region of  Alicante.



Relaxing massage at our Yoga retreat in Spain  

Inspired Yoga Breaks in Spain in Spain offering fabulous yoga on the breathtaking picturesque coast of the Mediterranean sea. . An holistic experience, focusing on rejuvenating yoga with energizing yet relaxing activities, pure bliss



Mindfulness Meditation is a relaxing meditative experience, which allows you, to focus on the here and now. Using such techniques as breathing, it can help you to focus on the moment, not thinking of past regrets or what may be in the future. A truly wonderful meditatively state, for both your mind and body.



Yoga Breaks Spain location. Moraira, is a truly unique Spanish village and still has its own weekly fish auction. The scenery and climate of the area are both fabulous beautifully and warm. With coast hugging mountains, almonds, fig and orange groves, together with its warm Mediterranean breeze, Moraira is truly a gift from the oceanus.


Moraira still has the character of an older Spanish village, cobbled streets, cafe bars - dining al fresco, restaurants and family owned chique boutiques. Moraira is a charming escape, for those wishing to unwind, away from the public gaze.

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 Yoga Retreats Moraira

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