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Gastric Bypass

 Problems and risks with Gastric Band Surgery

          So what are the chances of running into one of following gastric bypass risks?

          In general, between 10% to 20% of patients will require corrective surgeries of one sort or another, the most common of which will be to correct an abdominal hernia.

Overall, about one third of all gastric bypass surgery patients will develop gallstones and post-operative complications such as infection, staple leakage, narrowing of the opening between the stomach and small intestine and ulcers will typically be seen in about 10% of patients. More serious complications such as gastrointestinal leakage and blood clots in the legs are seen in only about 1% of patients.

The following risks and complications are specific to weight loss surgery:

  • Death. Fortunately, advances in surgery generally and in gastric bypass surgery in particular, mean that the risk of death is thankfully lower than it was even a few short years ago.                                                                    Risk is about 1%, this equates to deaths of over 5000 * a year.
  • Blood clots in the legs are another serious risk of surgery as such clots can travel up into the lungs resulting in a pulmonary embolism. It is worthy of note that this risk in considerably higher in smokers and that quitting smoking in preparation for surgery can reduce this risk considerably. Risk 1%
  • Leakage along the stapling line. In cases where stomach stapling is used there is a risk if of leakage along the line of staples. In serious cases, this can lead to the a requirement for further emergency.
  • Incision hernia. An incision hernia can present in patients when a weakness occurs at the site of an incision and is generally only seen in open procedures involving a large surgical incision. An incision hernia generally requires surgical repair.
  • A narrowing of the opening into the small intestine. The opening from the newly created stomach, into the small intestine can become narrowed, in some cases requiring corrective surgery.
  • Dumping syndrome is a fairly common complication in which the stomach contents move too quickly through the small intestine resulting in a range of problems including nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sweating and diarrehea. In many cases dumping syndrome is caused by not taking medical advice given for a healthy living diet and eating high-fat or sweet foods.

         * This figure includes all types of gastric banding and bypass operations, but does not include Liposuction surgery, of which there were approximately 434,000 in 2007.

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