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Leigh Hunt:
The groundwork of all happiness is health.


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The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.



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weight loss holiday smoothieAn article on adjusting weight to improve athletic performance appearing in a sports journal, brought an indignant reply from a nutritionist: 'It is dangerous to be significantly underweight for one's height'. Just as important however, is that it is also extremely dangerous to be overweight for one's height, a point that seemed irrelevant to her

Sports performance aside for one moment, what weight should the average person be.

To answer this we must consult Dr Stillman's height/weight ratio table. He fixes the non-active man's average weight for height with a simple formula.


 He allocates 110lbs (56.2kg) for the first five feet (1.524m) in height and 5 1/2lbs (2.296kg) for every inch (0.025m) thereafter.


Are allowed less than men, 100lbs (45.3kg) for the first five feet and 5lbs (2.268kg) for every inch above this.

If you are in the overweight category here are a few tips.
1. Don't go without food. Every four hours eat meals that include the Basic Four - skimmed milk, lean meat, fruit, vegetables, whole-grain cereal and bread

2. Avoid the following high-fat-content foods: cooking fat, lard, etc (253 calories per ounce); margarine (218), butter (211), bacon (128), chocolate (148), pork (116), cheese (117), sugar (108), mutton (94), cream (325 calories per cup), excessive alcohol (spirits, 115 calories per oz, wines, 85 per 31/2oz, beer, 150 per 121/2oz).

3. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, fish, veal liver and fat-free beef

4. Do the type of activity that burns fat. This should be below 80 per cent of your maximum capacity, which is about 85 per cent of your maximal heart rate for less than an hour activity and around 75 per cent MHR over this period

5. Add five minutes a day per week to your workload. If you are doing 35 minutes a day now, within six weeks you will be doing 65 minutes

6. Avoid mid-meal snacks. If you're desperate, eat fruit

7. If you are a teenager, ignore all the above advice! You are growing and need all the good food you can get, but that rules out crisps, sweets and takeaways. Learn to cook vegetables and meats

8. If you drive daily, or use the bus or train, consider running or walking to your destination at least once a week.

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