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Weight Loss Therapies, Breaks and Weekends.

Weight loss holiday weight loss therapies, massage

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Weight Loss Holiday Therapies


Designed for You, by our qualified team from across the UK &  Europe

o be beneficial, we have therapies available for a weeks stay and also have open ended programmes for those needing more support. Designed by our team of qualified therapists, our individual programmes will suit your current level of fitness and weight loss goals.

We have a team of qualified UK practitioners, with a wealth of weight loss experience, offering a range of well balanced complimentary holistic therapies, fitness activities and nutritious meals for you to discover, ensuring maximum benefits, such as weight-loss, improved fitness, stress relief and a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Your designed weight loss therapies includes:



Fitness Training

Life Coaching



Nutritional Advice


Music & Dance


Hot Stone Massage

Hatha Yoga

Healthy Eating








A range of beauty therapies available, on your weight loss holiday


Although the Yoga classes may be taken in small groups, our coaches and instructors may design bespoke plans for our guests, on a one to one basis.


Weight Loss Therapies

  • Slimmer and toned;

  • fitter;

  • motivated, yet

  • relaxed

Long term:

  • Positive attitude;

  • a good nights sleep;

  • increased energy levels;

  • increased self esteem and

  • reduced anxiety levels


  • Lower blood pressure;

  • reduced risk of heart disease and strokes;

  • reduced risk of diabetes and

  • reduced risk of osteoporosis

Find out more about Dancing to keep fit.




     weight loss holiday, massage


                   weight loss therapies

     To inspire You..

                                 Weight loss therapies



Yoga for weight loss

weight loss holiday, food




Weight loss Therapies

We are not a boot camp, but a weight loss holiday, we do not expect you to live off carrot juice and salads. Here to facilitate your education and guide you to a new healthier lifestyle.

Our personal life enhancement therapies, will give you a healthier and longer life.

Our qualified team of UK coaches and instructors, are caring and understanding of your weight loss needs working with you, to achieve your goals.

Who is ready to change?  

Our life coaching, Psychotherapy and Fitness training will give you the life you deserve and the energy to enjoy it.

Run your own life

Our coaches and instructors help you to gain control of your life, the way you want to.

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