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Divine Residential weight loss Retreat

Divine weight loss retreat Europe
Residential weight loss RetreatDivine weight Loss
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Residential weight loss retreat, leave the UK and join us in Spain
 Weight loss retreat Europe
Weight loss retreat Europe
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Weight Loss Retreat Spain

Residential weight loss Retreativine Proportions, the leading Weight Loss Retreat in Spain,  Europe, with unique Weight Loss Programmes and approach to long term weight loss. Our weight loss retreat, attends to your individual needs with pleasure. The journey to your Divine Proportion starts here. Lose weight and get fit at our weight loss retreat in Europe, by the beach on the warm Costa Blanca, Spain

Residential weight loss Retreativine is a Residential Weight Loss Retreat, with programs designed exclusively, for your  individual needs,  because we know, no two people are the same. With a maximum number of guests of 4 and a client to staff ratio of 1 to 1, has given us an average weight loss of 8lbs 3oz  weekly,  our results speak for themselves.

Residential weight loss Retreativine invites you to transform your body, not dieting but engaging in enjoyable activities, this together with behavioural life style changes, will lead to  long-term weight control. Join us in Sunny Spain and find out just how easy it is, to lose weight, at our Residential Weight Loss Retreat.


Why our Residential Weight loss Retreat Programmes are right for you:

 Weight loss retreat, Europe

Our focus is not simply on a weight loss programme but on changing your behaviour, so your weight loss continues. Working through underlying issues that might be contributing to your weight gain, Divine Proportion's scientific programme uses cognitive-behavioural therapies, to adopt a new and healthier lifestyle. 

You will not only lose weight, at our residential weight loss retreat, but with our detailed nutrition, fitness & weight loss programmes, you will continue your new healthy lifestyle and achieve your weight loss target, over a period of months. Receiving ongoing support following your weight loss retreat because your health and fitness is for life!


Divine weight loss retreat
As featured in the Times 2007  &  2010
Divine Proportions Voted one of the leading weight  loss  retreats in Europe.
8lbs 3oz

Diet Games, where the chances of winning are slim
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weight loss retreat programs abroad
weight loss programs abroad
 Residential weight loss Retreat Residential Weight Loss Programs Spain Residential weight loss retreat, leave the UK and join us in Spain Residential Weight loss retreat for individuals Residential weight loss retreat, programs escape the UK
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Correct weight for height

An article on adjusting ones weight to improve athletic performance appearing in a sports journal, brought an indignant reply from a nutritionist: 'It is dangerous to be significantly underweight for one's height'. Just as important however, is that it is also extremely dangerous to be overweight for one's height, a point that seemed irrelevant to her

Sports performance aside for one moment, what weight should the average person be.

To answer this we must consult Dr Stillman's height/weight ratio table. He fixes the non-active man's average weight for height with a simple formula.


 He allocates 110lbs (56.2kg) for the first five feet (1.524m) in height and 5 1/2lbs (2.296kg) for every inch (0.025m) thereafter.


Are allowed less than men, 100lbs (45.3kg) for the first five feet and 5lbs (2.268kg) for every inch above this.

This is a guide for an adults ideal weight



  Kg            Ibs                  St.


   Kg              Ibs           St.

5 00

45.3kg      100       7st. 2Ibs

49.8          110           7st. 12Ibs 

5 1

47.5kg       105       7st. 7Ibs

52.5          115.5        8st.   3Ibs 

5 2

49.8kg       110        7st. 12Ibs

55             121           8st.   5Ibs 

5 3

52.1kg       115        8st. 3Ibs

75.5          126.5        9st.   0Ibs 

5 4

53.3kg       120        8st. 8Ibs

60             132            9st.   6Ibs 

5 5

56.6kg       125        8st. 13Ibs

62.5          137.5      9st.   11Ibs 

5 6

58.9kg       130        9st. 4Ibs

65             143          10st.   3Ibs 

5 7

61.2kg       135        9st. 9Ibs

67.5          148.5      10st.   8Ibs 

5 8

63.4kg       140      10st. 00Ibs

70             154       11st.   00Ibs 

5 9

65.7kg       145      10st. 5Ibs

72.5          159.5    11st.   6Ibs 

5 10

67.9kg       150      10st. 10Ibs

75             165       11st.   11Ibs 

5 11

70.2kg       155      11st. 1Ibs

77.5          170.5      12st.   3Ibs 

6 00

72.4kg       160      11st. 6Ibs

80             176          12st.   8Ibs 

6 01


82.5          181.5    13st.   00Ibs 

6 02


85             187        13st.   5Ibs 

6 03


87.5          192.5    13st.   11Ibs 

6 04


90             198        14st.   2Ibs 

6 05


92.5          203.5    14st.   3Ibs 

6 06


95             209       14st.   13Ibs 

6 07


97.5          214.5   15st.   4Ibs 




Why diets fail

Reasons Diets Fail 

  1. Something's Missing ?
    Diets eliminate food groups, missing out food groups, makes it difficult to follow, and will likely lead to a slip.
  2.   A successful diet should allow choices from all food groups in moderation. Think long term, not short term, "Can I eat like this forever?"
  3. Going Low
    If you eat too few calories, you risk an eventual willpower blowout and major diet setback. Successful diets must be adequate in calories so you don't experience prolonged hunger, but low enough to allow for a moderate weight loss of 1 lb-2 lb per week.
  4. Diet. Period.
    If you embarked on a weight loss regime without exercise, your weight loss will most likely hit a frustrating plateau. Adding exercise can keep you motivated, as it is the exercise which will give you the curves and body you want. Regular exercise also increases the rate at which your body burns calories, helping you to see results faster than diet alone. Research  has concluded that the most successful diets include a combination of  both diet and exercise.
  5. Friends ?
    A 2007 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that those who surround themselves with overweight or obese family and friends are more likely to be overweight or obese themselves. This may be for a number of reasons, the "normal person" in your world is in fact over weight. It is then "ok" to be with and around these people as you look "normal"
  6. You want to look and keep slim, then mix with slim fit people.


.....Weight is lost quickly, returning as soon as normal eating patterns are re-established....

The above quote is taken from the article : DIET GAME, WHERE CHANCES OF WINNING ARE SLIM, in The New York Times




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