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Run in the sun, with Running Holidays Spain


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Running Holidays Abroad designed to combine effective training for running enthusiasts, whilst allowing you  a relaxing holiday with friends, on the beach

Running Holiday Abroad allow you to make the choice of when you take your running holiday, how long you stay and how much running you do whilst here. We cater for beginners to serious club runners,  holidays for people who run, runners of all abilities

Our holidays are as much about relaxation, as running, do as much or as little as you wish. arriving and departing on the day of your choice and train as much as you want to.

Running Holidays Abroad offer the opportunity for you to enter local races both during the week and at weekends. Races from 5km to 40km mountain runs.

Fabulous Mountain tracks, Forest trails, together with quiet roads beautifu stunningl scenery and a climate which is just perfect for running in the sun. Within 20min of the of the Sierra Bernia mountains, and two minutes of the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean coast.

For runners of all abilities, singles, groups and clubs, male and female, whether you are experienced, or just starting to enjoy mixing road and trail. The trails and roads in this region of Spain provide a fabulous mixture of forest, mountain and beach, all within 20min of running holidays Spain, Improve your PB, or just have a relaxing holiday and a jog, the choice is yours.

Running Holidays Adventures in Europe

Try one of our fabulous training weeks, a race organised package or just have a relaxing holiday in the sun and run on the beautiful trails and beaches of the Costa Blanca.

Running holidays for your guided runs, Ultra Trails and Track training. Warm weather training in the sun, for all abilities. Our Running Packages, are based in and around South Eastern Spain, Costa Blanca, in the village of Moraira.


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Gallery Perimetral Costa Blanca Running Packages Spain  Moraira beach with Running Holidays
Enjoy the fabulous scenery and breath
taking views only the Costa Blanca can
offer from the
beautiful beaches to the
highest mountains, all in one day
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Amanda picking up another first
place category win, on her
UTMB Qualifier the 65km
Perimetral Mountain Race

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Join us on the warm Costa  Blanca,
for a running holiday in the sun.
Running on the beach
es in
the Costa Blanca Region

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Check out our Running Packages

Running Holidays are located just 800m from the beach on the Costa Blanca, yet close enough to the spectacular nearby mountains
for all the trail and mountain runnning you could wish for. Catering for Middle distance runners to Ultra Mountain Runners.
Why not train
for the ultimate race across Europe the UTMB, on the Perimetral here in the mountains of the Costa Blanca.
offer athletics warm weather training in Spain, Europe. Fitness breaks & weekends, Race weekends,
Trail running weekends, Marathon training weeks on Spain's warm Costa Blanca.



.....Above the clouds, with Running Holidays Spain

Mountain running

Running Ability

We have a UK athletic coach to give advice and training. We cater for beginners who never have run before to the faster, club runner.

Running at between 6:00 and 8:30 minutes per mile, pace, many are much slower, although some are a lot quicker.

The runs are varied, from flat road to Trail runs,  Mountain and  beach. There is also a track available for speed and interval training.

Running Tours Europe  for beginners


Running Tours Europe programmes for beginners, move you from walking - which we all do every day - to running. The only difference is the motivation to become fitter. This fitness will bring a physical feeling of well being, leading to an enthusiasm to get even fitter.

Before you start any training programme, you should ask yourself what short and long term goals you have - remembering that your goals must be achievable. It is better to set easy goals and achieve them than fail to achieve goals that are too ambitious. A goal which is too ambitious may lead to injury.


We begin with a Walk and Run programme, with the runs and walks lasting for 1 minute each. This session should last about 20 to 30 minutes and should be repeated 3 or 4 times every week. This will soon take you to the stage of running 1 mile every other day - but be patient.



A beginner will be running 4 miles every other day and a longer run at weekends, say 6 miles.

To move from just finishing a run to racing, you must add more miles and include some speedwork and hills. The increased distance should be done steadily, with the advice of a coach. If you increase mileage and add speed work in the same week, you risk incurring an injury. Regretfully, too many runners get the advice of a qualified coach only after injury.


Advanced Runner

Advanced runners usually undertake a variety of runs at varying speeds. The distances covered and speed will be dependent upon your individual goals. A 5k runner will not have the same schedule as a half Marathon runner, or indeed a 800m runner. No matter what you are training for, or what level you are at, every run should be for a specific purpose. Every run should train specific muscles, and the following day those muscles should rest. The secret is to vary what you do.

There are many runners with considerable experience, gathered over many years. Seek their advice about what training they are doing and what their goals they have. Ask if  they have had injuries and what they did to overcome them.


Check out our running packages all within 20min of running holidays Spain, Improve your PB, or just have a relaxing holiday and a jog, the choice is yours.




Try one of our running holidays or breaks, running weekends and run on the warm Costa Blanca. January to March

are typically the driest months of the year, and with temperatues of 20 degrees, it is perfect for running


Girls weekend Amanda with just a few of her trophies Mountain running


Running Holidays offer specialist coached running  weekends / holidays in Spain.

Join us for a Marathon training week or race weekend for beginners to veterans,

tailored for individual runners or groups.


Contact. us for further information. Tel 0034 966 491 354   Email