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Be The biggest loser 2012



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 Be our Biggest Loser
and change your life forever


 Our Exclusive Fitness & Weightloss Retreat in Spain. Providing you with the best weight loss opportunities to be our biggest loser 2012

  •  Maximum number of guests 5.

  • Holistic Fitness & Weightloss retreat

  • Fully inclusive, Activities, Treatments, and Therapies


Fitness & Weightloss Holiday

Fitness & Weightloss Retreat


 Our bespoke programme for all your specific fitness and weightloss goals.



  • Revitalising your Mind, Body, and Soul
  • Increasing your Fitness and achieving your weightloss goals
  • Regaining your self confidence and sense of wellbeing


the Weight Loss Holiday

The Premier Weight Loss Retreat by the beach


A life style change begins here, focus,  lose the weight and make the changes to your life forever



  • Our life coach can help youR self confidence.
  • Star enjoying your fitness and your life
  • Achieve a Healthy sustainable Weight, for life



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